Carol Taback

From the Photomaton gallery guide:

According to Martha Chahroudi, photography curator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Carol Taback never intended her photo booth strips to be permanently mounted. She saw them as movable pieces and wanted the viewer to be able to move them around, rearranging them in new combinations. Unfortunately, this isn't practical for an exhibit such as this, but we were able to handle her work in the museum's viewing room. Many of her strips are stili stored in cigar boxes, a perfect size for the work, and wrapped in paper according to group. Unwrapped, they seem like a wonderful puzzle, with endless possibilities for patterns and story lines.

Ms. Taback had a keen appreciation for the human form, and figure studies comprise a good percentage of her work. She eventually bought a photo booth of her own, thereby eliminating the problem of working with nude models in public. Carol Taback graduated in 1963 from the Philadelphia Museum School with a degree in fashion illustration, and went on to work in advertising design and children's book illustration. Her photobooth work is in the collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Contributed by Tim