Blake Boyd


Blake Boyd is a visual artist who has used photobooth photos both as inspiration for paintings and as artwork in and of themselves, with subjects including Taylor Mead (below) and Billy Name.

From Boyd's gallery: "In 1993 Blake was introduced to Taylor Mead and conceived his first major photobooth project, raising funds to bring Taylor Mead to New Orleans in 1995. The photobooth series of Taylor Mead was undertaken in the New Orleans bar 'Le Bon Temps Roulé.' Taylor later introduced Blake to Billy Name and the Slidell K-Mart became the base for the 1996 photobooth series of Billy Name. Both of the Warhol Superstar series were achieved by costuming Mead and Name as actual pop characters as in the Warhol silk-screens and references to the Warhol films in which the two had performed. A selection from these series have been published in Honcho and LID magazines.

"Boyd lived in London in 1996 and spent two months using public photobooths, mostly at tube stations, to take portraits of people from the streets. This series is a timely documentation of British street-life in the 90's, now fading; the punks, the Y.B.A.s, the bobbies, the skinheads."

Contributed by Ginette Bone