Franco Vaccari

Photographer Franco Vaccari is a pioneer of photobooth art, whose work at the 1972 Venice Biennale is a major work of relational art.

Thanks to Marco for these comments from Mr. Vaccari:

"In 1972 I took part in the Venice Biennale, with a personal exibition space, putting on 'Leave a photographic trace of your passage on these walls,' that saw the participation of more than 5000 paying people.

"A book was published of the material collected in 1973. In the same year I started an initiative titled Photomatic d'Italia, featuring 700 photobooths for one year all over Italy. Later I did similar initiatives in Tokyo and Prague.

"After the aforementioned book, another book titled Franco Vaccari: Photomatic e altre storie was published by Electa. Many other exaustive documentations on the same subject were included in my anthological books published by Damiani and the publisher Baldini, Castoldi, Dalai.

"Many other informations can be found in the book by Federica Muzzarelli Formato tessera-storia arte idee in photomatic."

Contributed by Marco