Sandy Wassenmiller

From the Photomaton gallery guide:

"...people, my street-side attractions I call them. The Playland Times Square attendant was old... wearing black glasses with red hair and a ruddy red complexion, trying to convince me the 4-frame booth was better than the 3-frame photobooth. I would not be convinced. Scott was with me that day, curious why this man talked to me so much. We did photobooth and Scott hung upside-down. The attendant told me he found this provocative to his dirty mind. What was on his dirty mind, he never told me."

For the past few years, Sandy Wassenmiller has been photographing Coney Island, a place "full of fascination and curiosities," incorporating photobooth machines and imagery into her own still photography. "These are images," says Ms. Wassenmiller, "of how I imagine myself in the process of photographing. The photographer's presence is stated and becomes part of the scene." Pieces from this work in progress are included here.

Freelance photographer Sandy Wassenmiller began her photobooth work relatively recently. She enjoys trying out different machines during her travels and collecting photobooth strips as souvenirs of places traveled to. Ms. Wassenmiller's photographs are in the collections of Boston University, the Joslyn Art Gallery in Omaha and the Sheldon Art Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska. She received a B.F.A. from the University of Nebraska in 1980.

Contributed by Tim