Emilio Cendón


Emilio Cendón, whose work can be found on his Libro de Fotoman blog as well as on his personal blogs in Catalan and in English, has been working with photochemical photobooths for a number of years.

It was 1999 and I was studying Fine Arts in Bilbao. I had been taking photobooths much time and then I have many.

I used to think: "Photobooth, what a technique! What an ability!" Do art with photobooth.

I thought I was the only person that did it, so it was a little arduous for me, the only person in the world and nobody else does it. It was a pity.

In Fine Arts I studied photography and then, in Christmas '99, had to hand in a work at the back of holidays for a final work. I had handed photobooths in all previous work so the final one had to be too. It sounded perfect. Somebody could do photobooths for me and see if it was as amazing as I thought, if they could do it.

I made this book in two months.

All the people around related me to photobooth, everybody had seen them so I didn't have to teach how to do it.

I asked everybody to do a strip for me. I want them to feel free, to do whatever they wanted to put in a book. I placed it as I received them and if somebody should write something in the back I put it in too.

You can see some are made in Vigo, when I went back home for holidays, and some in Bilbao, received when I went back.

The book is composed with strips created by my family, friends, flatmates... from the examples I had then, but they did their own, without my help. They are my family of that times.

Contributed by Brian