September, 2005

September 07, 2005

The photobooth owes much of its longevity (and perhaps more of its economic viability) to the various passport photo requirements throughout the world. We learned from a recent CBC news story that Canada’s photobooth boom was a direct result of the photo requirement to gain entry into Montreal’s World’s Fair in 1967. We are also aware of the frequent use of photobooths to procure international passports, driver’s licenses, gun licenses, and the like.

In a saddening announcement, the UK government issued new guidelines that prohibit smiling in your passport photos. Apparently this was done to aid security systems in their attempt at face recognition. (I can’t decide whether to be impressed or frightened)

All of that to say.… it is a sad day for the photobooth.


September 06, 2005

utah_blog.jpgThanks to a slew of contributions this week from E.Y., can finally put Utah on the map, bringing our current count up to 114 photobooths in 19 states and two foreign countries!

During a cross-country road trip in 1997, my best friend and I determined that Utah was the home of the best milkshakes in the country, found at the plentiful Frostops we came across around southern Utah.

Now we can confirm that Utah is also the capital of affordable photobooths. Six of the seven booths Evita submitted charge just $1, and the seventh booth just $2. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a $1 photobooth — the Children’s Museum black and white machine in Boston used to be a dollar, but has since gone up. The price is definitely right in Utah.

I’d like to add that E.Y. gave us the best kind of submissions possible: photos of the booths, sample photos, and great documentation, including price, address, and description — including the official store number for each Kmart location. Thanks, E.Y.!

The new Utah photobooths: in Salt Lake City, The Utah Museum of Natural History, Kmart 4273, Kmart 4159; Kmart 7624 in Draper, Kmart 7618 in West Jordan, Kmart 3085 in Woods Cross, and The South Towne Center in Sandy.

September 05, 2005

cbc.gifA few weeks ago, Brian and I were contacted by Bethany Or, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio correspondent who was working on a photobooth story. The story was to center on the Grostern family of Montreal who own and operate Auto-photo Canada, the photobooth powerhouse in the Great White North. Brian and I spent some time on the phone answering her questions, chit chatting about photobooths, and talking about our website. Following a great conversation (Bethany has the photobooth bug, as well) we were disappointed to learn that Brian’s quotes were cut from the final piece. Too bad, as he was the more coherent of the two of us that morning. Despite the editorial oversight, I think the story ended up sounding great. The final piece aired at 6:40am on August 18, 2005, and can be heard right here.

In speaking about, Bethany makes mention of the photobooth locator that can be used to find photobooths in the USA. Well, I am proud to announce the locator has gone global. We now have a few booths listed from other countries (thanks to Brian’s travels), but we’re still waiting for our first entry from Canada. We can now support submissions from anywhere in the world, so c’mon, send us those booths.

September 05, 2005

ArrestedDevPhotostrip4.jpgMy brother Pat got my wife and me hooked on Fox’s Arrested Development. A great show. Pat also pointed out the photobooth reference in Season 1, Episode 15. A flashback involving an ill-fated trip to Catalina Island alludes to Buster’s “unfortunate encounter in a photobooth.” The flashback lasts only a few seconds and shows a series of images purportedly taken in a photobooth. Curiously, there are five frames in the series, indicating (erroneously) a 5‑pose photobooth. After screen capturing the segment for the TV section of the website, I thought I would recreate the imagined photostrip. I created a few different versions, all of which are available in the extended entry.


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