September 05, 2005

cbc.gifA few weeks ago, Brian and I were contacted by Bethany Or, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio correspondent who was working on a photobooth story. The story was to center on the Grostern family of Montreal who own and operate Auto-photo Canada, the photobooth powerhouse in the Great White North. Brian and I spent some time on the phone answering her questions, chit chatting about photobooths, and talking about our website. Following a great conversation (Bethany has the photobooth bug, as well) we were disappointed to learn that Brian’s quotes were cut from the final piece. Too bad, as he was the more coherent of the two of us that morning. Despite the editorial oversight, I think the story ended up sounding great. The final piece aired at 6:40am on August 18, 2005, and can be heard right here.

In speaking about, Bethany makes mention of the photobooth locator that can be used to find photobooths in the USA. Well, I am proud to announce the locator has gone global. We now have a few booths listed from other countries (thanks to Brian’s travels), but we’re still waiting for our first entry from Canada. We can now support submissions from anywhere in the world, so c’mon, send us those booths.

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