March, 2009

March 31, 2009

As our list of photobooth locations around the world has grown over the last five years, we’ve often thought of better ways to organize and present the information on the site. Some people like the big list of every single location we know of, but most people who use our site to find a photobooth are curious about booths in a particular city or state, or would like to see all of our photobooths plotted on a map. If you agree, well, this is your lucky day, because we’ve just launched a completely re-vamped Photobooth Directory with three ways to find what you’re looking for.

You can search for all photobooth listing that mention the word “arcade”; you can browse all photobooths in the state of Illinois, for those who will be attending the International Photobooth Convention this weekend; and you can also locate all of our photobooth listings on a map, which displays all of our locations arrayed around the globe.

We’re excited to get this much-needed feature out to the world before the start of the International Photobooth Convention, and we’ve got many more improvements to make and features to add in the future. Here’s hoping you find it useful.

March 23, 2009


Those of you who have submitted artwork for consideration should have heard back regarding our selections — if you haven’t drop us a line. We have also finalized the schedule of events. Limited editions of this silkscreened poster will be available for purchase at convention.

March 03, 2009

Your 2009 International Photobooth Convention organizers are hard at work preparing for the event from their respective corners of the country as the big day gets ever closer. We’re now just one month away from the opening night, April 3, at Center Portion in Chicago. 

We’ve had a lot of interest via email and through our Facebook group, and would encourage all photobooth artists, collectors, and experimenters out there to contribute to the event, whether or not you can attend. As part of the convention, we’ll be curating a group show of art created in and inspired by the photobooth as well as collections of vernacular or found photobooth photos. Check out the Call for Entries (PDF) if you’re interested in submitting a piece or collection for the show.