September, 2009

September 30, 2009

In an article published this week by the Associated Press and picked up by news organizations around the country (and in Canada), writer Ryan Kost takes a look at the current state of photochemical booths from the perspective on the ground at the Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon, as well as with some words from Tim and myself. 

We’ve posted the article in our In Print section, and while it lasts, the article is available at a number of news outlets’ websites: ABC News, Newsday, OregonLive,, The Asbury Park Press, the Batavia Daily News, and WRAL from Raleigh, North Carolina, among others. 

We’re curious if the article is actually in print anywhere, and would love to see a copy if anyone has actually held it in their ink-stained hands. Thanks to Ryan for the well-written article (and for not misquoting us), and welcome to those who are visiting us for the first time because of his piece. Have fun looking around!


Photo: AP/Don Ryan

September 24, 2009


Photobooth artist and long-time friend of Daniel Minnick is part of a show opening soon in San Francisco called Sweet Believer Exit. The show, which is at 2nd Floor Projects, will have an opening reception this Saturday night September 26, and runs through November 1.

For more information, visit the 2nd floor projects blog. Please let us know if you get a chance to check out the show.

September 23, 2009

jadore_booth.jpgWe have news of two photobooth projects happening in Berlin currently. We’ll have more info once they’re completed, but for now, here’s the scoop:

First, is taking part in the Berliner Kunstsalon with a project titled “J’adore aglisia”:

J’adore aglisia combines an ecclesiastic confessional and a photo booth in a new, unexpected and modern way. It refers to the well-known advertising slogan “J’adore Dior”; at the same time, it is also a play of words with the French word église (church). The name aglisia is an acronym for the Latin termini of the seven capital sins; therefore, it is an honest commitment to a new religious orientation which states: I covet sin! For a small fee, you can be redeemed from your sins.

For more information (in German), check out their PDF on the project, and visit the Berliner Kunstsalon site for more information on the event as a whole.

Secondly, Patrick Coyle, a London-based artist, will be in Berlin using one of the city’s photochemical photobooths to conduct an interactive project with strangers in the booth.

Patrick Coyle’s intuitive approach to his interactive performances directly contradicts the laboured objects he produces during the event. Often producing obsessively precise visual poetry, the result veers from whimsical ramblings to surreal contemplations. For KOMME, Coyle invites individuals to pose with him in photo-booths around Berlin. His notes written on the developed photos concerning the sitter and his relationship to them will be revealed at the private view. Participants hear Coyle’s comments upon their time together only if they attend the private view at the end of the week.

There’s more information about the project here. The photos will be on display at the gallery at the following address between September 24 and 26, so that the public can see the progress of the project:

ÏMA Design Village

Burstein Ostrowski GBR

12–14 Ritterstrasse

Berlin 10969

We’ll have more information on both of these projects once they’ve concluded, so stay tuned.

September 17, 2009


Thanks to Katherine sending photos and sample photostrips from two more photobooths in Australia, this time from Melbourne. First we’ve got the booth in a covered market on Chapel Street, and then a shopping mall booth at the Jam Factory. Thanks as well to the couple she found taking photos in the Chapel Street booth who let us use her photo of them.

September 02, 2009

Just in time for back-to-school shopping, we’d like to let everyone know about our t‑shirts, available in a variety of styles and colors for him and her in our Spreadshirt Shop. Tim and I tried out the first versions during the Photobooth Convention a few months ago, and since then, readers all over the world have picked up their own shirts and, in some cases, sent us photos of them in the wild. We know you won’t all have quite such a dramatic backdrop, but if you’d like to send us a photo of you in your shirt — in or out of the booth — we’d love to see it and post it on the site.


Thanks to the wonderful Martin and Ira of Schnellfoto in Moscow for the photo.

Thanks to a tip from Stephanie, we see that Time Out New York has updated its somewhat-annual New York photobooth article. In September of 2007, we noted a Time Out piece called “Strip Mining” that the author, Rachel Sokol, contacted us about as she was researching. Looking at that link again, it seems the 2007 article has been replaced by this new one, with the much more pedestrian title of “The city’s best photo booths,” by Anna Brand. Both articles list photochemical and digital booths, and neither seems to make much distinction between old style and digital. Eight of the eleven booths in the original article were photochemical; now the ratio has slipped to six out of ten photochemical booths in the new piece. The booths are at Otto’s, Lakeside Lounge, Bubby’s, Bushwick Country Club, Union Pool, and the Smith.

We’ve added a new Manhattan booth which apparently didn’t make the Time Out cut, a black and white booth at The Living Room. Thanks to Gabby for the photos and info.