Flinders Street Station I

Flinders Street and St. Kilda Rd.
Melbourne, AUS 3000
B&W, 3 per strip, $4.00
Photos: September 15, 2010
Last visit: September 15, 2010


Victoria writes, "Located on the north side of the train station just outside the entrance is this Photome Model 18 booth. I had the pleasure of being there when Melbourne's resident photbooth mechanic was working on the booth next to this one. We talked for a few minutes and he pointed out all of the photos on the booth...of him and his family. You could see how long he had been doing this work when you noticed photos where he looked quite a bit younger. This was the first photobooth I had been to that took 3 instead of 4 photos, and was a little shorter than the 4 photo American strips."

UPDATE 3/15/19 - A reader writes to inform us this booth has been moved "between Boost Juice and the bus stop."

Contributed by Victoria Jarvis