Medley Centre

1 Irondequoit Mall Dr.
Rochester, NY 14622
Color, 4 per strip, $3.00
Photos: June 23, 2005
Last visit: June 23, 2005


This color Photo-Me booth takes nice color photos and has the helpful two-curtain design for more creative picture-taking. The photobooth was, at the time of our visit, one of the few remaining money-makers in the former Irondequoit Mall. The mall is 80% vacant, and the color photo booth sits in the middle of an empty wing of the mall with shuttered stores on all sides.

Things may be changing, though: the Irondequoit Mall was purchased in May 2005 by developer Adam Bersin and renamed the Medley Centre in June 2005. Hopefully, the photo booth will remain at the mall as it begins its rejuvenation.

Contributed by Brian