Diesel Cafe

257 Elm Street
Somerville, MA 02144
B&W, 4 per strip, $4.00
Photos: June 2, 2005
Last visit: June 2, 2005


Diesel is the quintessential Somerville cafe, with delicious food, great coffee, and friendly staff. The comfy booths and bar seating don't hurt, and in early 2005, Diesel blew out the back wall and doubled their size. Around this time, they also put in the photobooth, which fits right in amongst the pool tables, fire hydrants, and motorized memorabilia. The garage door at the front of the cafe is open all summer, and customers walk right in off the street, careful not to trip on the dozens of laptop cords that criss-cross the floor.

The photobooth was turning out pretty dark photos, so leaving the rear curtain off and letting the backlight shine was essential for getting a decent photo. Is $4 the new $3? Let's hope not.

Contributed by Brian