Macy's Northgate Mall

401 Northeast Northgate Way
Seattle, WA
Color, 2 per strip, $2.50
Photos: December 22, 2004
Last visit: December 22, 2004


The booth is located in the Bon Marche [ed: now Bon Macy's] in the Cube (teen girl section). It is near the door on the first floor, on the East side of the building. This is a two-photo color booth. I talked to the company responsible for the booth and they said that it will be the only two-photo booth they are not replacing with a four-photo machine in the Seattle area. Strips cost $2.50. The machine has had a kind of washed out, blue-green tint to it but the last time I went it was crisper with a white (as opposed to the previously grey) border.

UPDATE 12/15/10: Sarah Miller tells us that this booth has been removed.

Contributed by Deborah Heller, Sarah Miller