Ace Hotel

20 West 29th St
New York, NY 10001
B&W, 4 per strip, $5.45
Photos: May 25, 2009
Last visit: October 1, 2021


Stephanie writes, "When I heard that the Ace Hotel was opening a branch in New York, I hoped that it would bring with it a new booth to the city. When the Ace Hotel NY website was finally up with a contact number sometime in March/April, I called, asking whether or not they would have a booth and they said yes!!

"However, the Ace's opening was delayed several months and it wasn't until recently that they finally opened (sort of). The restaurant (Breslin) and coffeeshop (Stumptown) are yet to open, but the lobby is open and with it, access to the photo booth! I had seen pictures of the Ace Hotel photo booth in Portland with "you are beautiful" etched in the mirror and was hoping the NY photobooth would have that lovely detailing as well. It didn't but maybe they're getting to it?

"The booth is tucked in a little nook next to the ATM. The first (and biggest/only) disappointment with the booth was that it only takes credit cards. And it's $5 for a strip of 4 photos, the most expensive dip and dunk booth I've come across! I think half the novelty of photobooth is saving up singles and putting them one by one into the bill slot - now, with the swipe or tap of the credit card, it displays a message saying its "authorizing" then it begins taking photos.. definitely not as magical.

"[I took the photos] at the end of May and there was this strange shadow on the right hand side and the last photo was not being developed.

"Anyway, the Ace Hotel has a beautiful, very well-designed lobby and it's a great space to hang out in. I will definitely be making more visits to this booth in the future, as it's the most easily accessible one for me in the city."

UPDATE 8/19/11: The photobooth at the Ace has recently been moved and re-covered. Andrea reports that "Since the photo on your site was taken, the booth has been paneled with a dark, wooden facade, to better blend in with the lobby/cafe area of the hotel (it is no longer tucked away behind the ATM, but blends in very well with the main room, so it's hard to spot.) The photos have great tone, full spectrum of black/white/gray (they obviously change the chemistry often! When you walk in, it's on the right near the back, against the wall. Still $5, credit cards only."

UPDATE 2/8/16: Stephanie reports the booth is alive and well, though now costs $5.45

UPDATE 10/27/19: The booth is still turning out nice photos, and is now $6 + tax, or $6.54.

Contributed by Stephanie Shieh, Andrea Louise, Liz P., Brian