The Standard

14 NE 22nd Ave
Portland, OR 97232
B&W, 4 per strip, $3.00
Photos: May 15, 2009
Last visit: June 18, 2012


Victoria writes, "This Photome model 17 photobooth is in the back left nook of The Standard. My experience with it has been pretty unreliable. On the 2 of the 3 occasions I've used it, the photos came out pretty messed up; they were streaky, discolored and the bottom half of the last photo was dark and underexposed.

"Somehow the contrast always came out pretty good and they printed in a cool sepia tone. The time I visited this booth when it was working well, the photos were beautiful sharp black and white and very even. The Standard is close to perfect: shuffleboard, pinball, garage style doors that slide open to a rad front patio, impeccable whiskey sours and the deciding factor of whether a bar is really worth your while: the photobooth."

UPDATE 1/6/18: Kittie let us know that that booth at the Standard is now digital.

Contributed by Victoria Jarvis, Kittie