Daffy's Herald Square

1311 Broadway
New York, NY 10001
Color, 4 per strip, $2.00
Photos: October 23, 2008
Last visit: October 23, 2008


Stephanie writes: "My roommate called me (knowing what a fanatic I was) to tell me she found a photobooth at the Daffy's in Herald Square. I was a bit perplexed because I remember coming across on the web some reports of a photobooth at that Daffy's, so I went to look for it but the personnel I spoke to that day told me the booth had been removed.

"The next day, we made a trip to Daffy's and someone pointed me to the fourth floor. A security guard near the booth told me it had been there for at least four years.

"There was an 'out of order' sign on the booth, but I found tucked into the top of the booth (a la Amelie) a photostrip that had the first three images burnt out, but the last one sort of came through. I noticed that the booth was only $2 per strip (!!!) so decided I'd give it a try - the booth was plugged in and the electronic sign above the bill slot was lit, so I figured it was still working and spitting out images, even though they seemed to be getting destroyed at some point.

"We took a set and they came out perfectly clear! Another strip came out simultaneously with ours, (I've never had this happen before - I'm guessing it was stuck in the machine?) and it was another destroyed strip - the first three pictures burnt out and the last sort of visible.

"It was, to say the least, a magical photobooth moment! We decided to pull in some props from Daffy's conveniently located home decor department.

"The booth is a Photo-Me Model 21, located on the fourth floor, near the children's shoes and home decor departments."

Thanks, Stephanie!

UPDATE 8/19/11: Andrea reports that this photobooth has been replaced by a digital machine.

Contributed by Stephanie Shieh, Andrea