Puyallup Fair

110 9th Ave SW
Puyallup, WA 98371
B&W, 4 per strip, $4.00
Photos: September 6, 2008
Last visit: September 6, 2008


Thanks to Adrienne for the contribution. She writes, "My friend and I go every year to the Fair but this is the first year I have seen the photobooths...I think there were about 12 of them, perhaps I was just more attuned to looking for them. I am not sure if they are a permanent part of the fairgrounds or just out for the Fair. They had both color and B&W and our first strip had a huge white line through the best picture so the attendant refunded our money but kept the strip and we did another. $4 for 4 photos, I think the price was the same for color or B&W. I think this has now become part of the tradition!"

I believe these are the same booths as we've found at the Los Angeles County Fair, and it's a safe bet that they're just around for the fair itself, so be advised you won't find these at the Puyallup fairgrounds during the rest of the year. As of this posting, the Puyallup Fair is running for six more days, until September 21, 2008.

UPDATE 5/16/16: Andrew writes that these booths haven't appeared at the Puyallup fair in while.

Contributed by Adrienne Anderson, Andrew