Palais de Tokyo

Palais de Tokyo
Paris, FRA
B&W, 4 per strip, €2.00
Photos: August, 2007
Last visit: July 15, 2014


This photobooth, which was installed and administered by the same folks who brought the world the photobooths of Berlin, is, to our knowledge, the first black and white photochemical booth to return to Paris after the replacement of all photobooths by digital booths in the last decade.

We first noted the appearance of this booth back in October, 2007, and are happy to confirm that the booth is a permanent fixture at Palais de Tokyo now, and has been joined by another booth in Paris that we will add shortly.

Thanks to everyone who has made this possible, and to those who contributed the photos and information for this listing.

UPDATE July 25, 2012: Meags writes, "This booth has been moved to the ground floor near the ticket counter because the lounge it was in has been renovated. The graffiti that filled the booth had also been cleaned (though it already is starting to reappear). When I visited there was never a moment when the booth wasnt in use."

UPDATE September 8, 2015: Thanks to an update from October, 2014, we've created a new entry for this booth, redecorated and rejuvenated.

Contributed by Ole, Eddy, Dorothe; Meags Fitzgerald, Meghan

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