Rainbo Club

1150 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
B&W, 4 per strip, $4.00
Photos: August 26, 2005
Last visit: September 17, 2022


I had heard there was something special about the Rainbo Club and its photobooth - the fact that Liz Phair had used photos she took there for the cover of Exile in Guyville, or the fact that they put out a yearly calendar of photobooth photos - and I was happy to have the chance to check it out for myself. I even allowed myself the only beer in my long night of photobooth-hopping, a PBR that was cheaper than the photobooth itself.

Fitting for a bar well-known for its photobooth, the Rainbo Club takes good care of its booth, a black and white Model 12. The photos were nice and bright, with the rounded bottom corners crisp and clean.

UPDATE 2/29/12: Taylor Anne visited and reported the booth was working fine.

UPDATE 11/7/16: Andrew writes that the Rainbo's booth is in fair condition, still working.

UPDATE 11/9/19: Ben writes, "Still there, great detail, a little washed out with whites/highlights, high contrast, black border, minor staining."

UPDATE 9/17/22: Still going strong.

Contributed by Brian, Taylor Anne, Andrew Kropp, Ben Kurstin