Double Door

1572 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622
B&W, 4 per strip, $3.00
Photos: August 26, 2005
Last visit: November 9, 2016


The Double Door, a sizable rock club in Wicker Park, has a photobooth as well as a pretty strict cover charge policy. I paid my $7 to get inside in order to use the photobooth, and the photos that came out reflect how I felt about the act that was onstage that night, Wet Animal.

While the club was loud and dark, the photos from the Model 11 black and white photobooth came out incredibly crisp, with clean edges, no chemical residue, and great gray tones. Expensive, but worth it.

UPDATE 2/29/12: Taylor Anne visited and sent in the following report: "Money/Bill intake not working. I visited at 5pm before club opened. Bouncer was very nice, let me in and used his key to manually turn on booth twice so I could sample photos. He did not charge me. Said they were waiting on repair. Photo strip quality not very good. Chemicals in obvious need of replacement."

UPDATE 11/9/16: Andrew reports that the Double Door's booth has been replaced by a digital machine.

UPDATE 3/10/17: Aaron reports that the Double Door is now closed.

Contributed by Brian, Taylor Anne, Andrew Kropp, Aaron