The Beginning

Tim and Brian, photobooth enthusiasts living miles apart, toiled on their own for years, feeding dollar bill after dollar bill into photobooths around the world. Each experienced and documented the photobooth in his own way, exploring the joys and quirks of this vanishing American icon. Recently, they noticed that photobooths were represented here and there around the web, but both thought they could do better.

One day in January of 2005, Tim looked around for someone to collaborate with on his dream of making a comprehensive resource for "everything photobooth," and he found Brian. Tim's experience with the art and technology of the photobooth, when combined with Brian's interest in hunting down every last photobooth in film, television, and in the world at large, made a perfect match. Four months later, in May of 2005, Photobooth.net was launched.

Our hope is that Photobooth.net will be the end-all be-all photobooth resource and community website. We have worked hard to make the content as comprehensive as possible, but we encourage your feedback and suggestions. Please let us know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by.

About Brian

Brian works as a film preservationist on the East Coast and enjoys traveling, crosswords, and pita chips.

About Tim

Tim is an artist living in the Midwest. He enjoys music, family Spades tournaments, and cracking créme brulée with a teaspoon.

Contact Us

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