January 22, 2012

We have a few new location updates to add to our directory, all of which are testament to the resurgence of the photochemical booth in the twenty-first century.

First, we heard from reporter Cassie Harwood of the East Bay Express, who wrote an article titled “Photographic Memories,” about a new photobooth in Oakland. Photobooth enthusiast Lisa Mancini recently purchased a photochemical booth, and has installed it at 1–2‑3–4 Go! Records, a shop and performance venue in Oakland.

The next day, I heard from reader and frequent contributor Victoria, who provided us with a photograph and scan from the booth so we could add it to our directory. Thanks to both Cassie and Victoria for getting in touch.

This week, we heard from Matteo Sani of Fotoautomatica, an Italian photobooth organization with booths in Florence and Livorno. The booths are both beautiful Model 22s, located outside on the street for all to use. 

First, the Livorno photobooth is located on the Via del Vecchio Lazzaretto.


The Florence photobooth resides on the Via dell’Agnolo.


Thanks to Matteo for these beautiful photos.

Next, we move onto Berlin, where Ole has let us know about a couple of locations that have come and gone in this European photobooth capital. 

First, the bad news: the second booth on Kastanienallee has been removed, but two more new booth locations have popped up.

First, a new booth is located on Moritzplatz, near Kreuzberg.

Second, a new booth, seen at right, now stands outside the arts venue ACUD.

As we prepare for the historic gathering of photobooth artists, enthusiasts, and fans in Switzerland in a few weeks, it’s encouraging to know that the photochemical booth is still alive, well, and flourishing around the world.

Thanks again to Cassie, Victoria, Matteo, and Ole for these contributions. Keep them coming, everyone!

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