March 22, 2011

As we catch up on what’s been going on while we were out of town, we bring you some bits and pieces from our readers: five new international additions to the site, courtesy of five different folks who got in touch with us.

First, check out Alberto Tanquero’s nice found photobooth image cards over at The Found in Chicago (thanks, Alberto).

We’ve added our first German show, Alles was Zählt, to our listings, with one of many episodes featuring the romance between Deniz and Roman and a few photobooth frames. (thanks, Ricky).

We’ve also added some new photobooth projects, including Paula Birch’s site, “The Strip of a Lifetime”, with tons of photos from Australian photobooths (thanks, Paula).

Also, a lingerie photo shoot in a photochemical photobooth in Italy, courtesy of the Belgian designer La fille d’O (thanks, Marco).

And finally, thanks to the tireless efforts of our Canadian correspondent Meags Fitzgerald, we have four new photobooths listed in the Maritimes, three in Nova Scotia and one in New Brunswick, bringing our total to seven represented provinces (Yukon, I’m looking at you…):

Halifax Shopping Centre

Park Lane Mall

Scotia Square

Champlain Place

Thanks, Meags.

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed, and we encourage others to speak up, drop us a line, and help continue the growth of the site as a photobooth resource for all to enjoy. 


  1. 1

    I used the booth at Daffy’s, Herald Square, NYC, on 5/5/11. The cost is now $5 for 4 color pictures AND the machine takes ONLY $1 bills, and pretty new bills too! I had to get change at a cashier on the 5th floor, and one of their bills was rejected by the machine (I had to find another & crispier bill). The machine is located in the center elevator lobby on the 4th floor, right before the entrance to the store near the home decor and children’s shoes. The pictures are not delivered on a strip, but 2X2 on a card. Enjoy!

  2. 2

    Thanks for your comment. It sounds like the photochemical machine has been replaced by a digital one. Too bad. We’ll make a note of it.