December 31, 2010

We were pleased this week to get our hands on a copy of Cameron Woo’s new book Photobooth Dogs, a charming collection of photobooth photos of dogs (with and without their owners) spanning the 80+ year history of the invention.

We were first introduced to Cameron, who’s the co-founder and creative director of the dog-centric magazine Bark, when we heard about a collection of photobooth photos of dogs he put together for a 2005 issue of the magazine.

Later on, Cameron asked us for help in finding photos of dogs in photobooths, and though we weren’t able to be of much help, we were excited to hear about his book. Having had a chance to take a look at it, it’s been worth the wait: the book is a wonderful collection of photos, each with a story to tell about the beloved pets they capture.

It’s very nicely designed, features excellent photo reproduction, and intersperses a (very) few choice quotations about dogs between the photos. I especially appreciate the visual guide to sources at the end, for the few photos in the book that aren’t in Cameron’s personal collection.

The book has a page on the Bark website, with a link to buy the book as well.




  1. Got this for Xmas! It’s awesome… have you spotted the rogue cat though?


  2. 2

    No I didn’t… I’ll have to go back and have another look.

  3. 3

    Found it, the cat outlier. Pretty sure that’s not even a photobooth photo, either…

  4. 4

    Fun stuff!

    I’ve got a set of four photobooth pictures of myself at about age five. I don’t remember the instance of having the photos taken, but it’s kind of fun to have them.