December 13, 2010


Some of our readers may recall the brief mention we made of the wonderful Fotomost Project we took part in with Martin and Ira from during the 2009 International Photobooth Convention in Chicago (check out photos of the end result in Moscow). Those who participated will certainly remember it, and have probably given up on the hope that they’d ever see the results of their efforts.

In a last-ditch attempt to get the thing done just one year late rather than two years late, I have finished the limited edition numbered set of 100 laserprinted (not photocopied) booklets showcasing the 24 photostrips sent from Moscow and the reply photostrips made in Chicago, along with the story behind the project and some photos of the booths used to make the project happen.

If you’d like a copy for yourself — and these make great stocking-stuffers for the photobooth fan, the photography lover, the Russophile, and anyone interested in a little cross-cultural fun — I’ll be happy to send one your way for five bucks to cover the cost of printing, assembly, and postage (slightly higher outside the U.S.). Choose your location and click the button to go to PayPal, or contact me to make other arrangements.



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    Just got mine in the mail today, I love it!!