November 13, 2010

Thanks to news from two Paris-based photobooth groups, La Joyeuse de Photographie and Foto Automat France, we have a burst of news from the new photobooth hotspot of Europe.

First, we have a new listing for Foto Automat France’s black and white photobooth at the Cinematheque Francaise, a perfect location for this mini-film studio. Foto Automat France is also running a black and white machine at Au vieux Saumur, one of the oldest bars in Paris.

From La Joyeuse, we have two new listings and one change. First, Le 104, where the striking red-striped machine has been replaced by a familiar machine, the photobooth that once lived at the Empty Bottle in Chicago.

At Citadium, the largest street culture shop in Paris, has a new booth as well.

Finally, La Joyeuse de Photographie is behind a collaborative project at Les Prairies de Paris called Labomaton, which features a modified Model 14 photobooth. Igor describes the project this way:

La Joyeuse de Photographie has teamed up with the photographer Fred Lebain by providing a photobooth in the hopes to create a unique project. The project, named Labomaton, was born as an idea that the silver photobooths haven’t yet said their last word, and that even today, artists from around the world could use these booths to their advantage in a creative and intelligent manner. We hope that this project could be exhibited by 2011.

Labomaton will participate in PHOTO-OFF, the young and upcoming photographers art fair (18–21 November, at La Bellevilloise, Paris).


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