July 17, 2010

Not since 2005’s fracas in Fitchburg has the photobooth shown up so prominently in the global police blotter. In what can only be described as global photobooth crime spree (it’s all relative, right?), two separate photobooth-related incidents transpired in the past few days.

The first incident took place in Northern Scotland and looks to be an inside job. Colin Smith, 35, misused his role as a photobooth technician to steal £10,000 from booths he was in charge of servicing. The money was being used to pay down his mortgage, not buy drugs, so he has that going for him.

The second incident comes to us from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. A disgruntled arcade patron became angry when a photobooth would not refund his money. He did the only sensible thing; he punched the booth and cracked the glass. The report fails to mention whether the booth ever gave any money back, but at least the perpetrator has a nice photo of his bloody knuckles.

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