May 19, 2010

Just as I was beginning to think more seriously about photobooths back in 2003, Aimee and I visited Montreal and enjoyed the photobooths that seemed to be found in every metro station. We took a set of photos that never made it back from the trip; they slipped out somewhere along the way, and became a sort of holy grail of lost photos which I always held out a little hope I’d find one day.

I never did find them, and we haven’t been back to Montreal since, but we’ve finally added seven new locations around the metro stations of Montreal, thanks to Meags.

A number of these booths feature the square format rather than the strip, a setup which allows for one large photo, four smaller photos of the same pose, or four photos, each a different pose, a set of options which seems unique to Canadian booths.

In addition to the seven Montreal locations, Meags also contributed four locations in Ottawa: St. Laurent Centre, Bayshore Shopping Centre, Billings Bridge Centre, and Ottawa Bus Central Station.

We now have 40 Canadian locations — not too shabby!

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