September 02, 2009

Just in time for back-to-school shopping, we’d like to let everyone know about our t‑shirts, available in a variety of styles and colors for him and her in our Spreadshirt Shop. Tim and I tried out the first versions during the Photobooth Convention a few months ago, and since then, readers all over the world have picked up their own shirts and, in some cases, sent us photos of them in the wild. We know you won’t all have quite such a dramatic backdrop, but if you’d like to send us a photo of you in your shirt — in or out of the booth — we’d love to see it and post it on the site.


Thanks to the wonderful Martin and Ira of Schnellfoto in Moscow for the photo.

Thanks to a tip from Stephanie, we see that Time Out New York has updated its somewhat-annual New York photobooth article. In September of 2007, we noted a Time Out piece called “Strip Mining” that the author, Rachel Sokol, contacted us about as she was researching. Looking at that link again, it seems the 2007 article has been replaced by this new one, with the much more pedestrian title of “The city’s best photo booths,” by Anna Brand. Both articles list photochemical and digital booths, and neither seems to make much distinction between old style and digital. Eight of the eleven booths in the original article were photochemical; now the ratio has slipped to six out of ten photochemical booths in the new piece. The booths are at Otto’s, Lakeside Lounge, Bubby’s, Bushwick Country Club, Union Pool, and the Smith.

We’ve added a new Manhattan booth which apparently didn’t make the Time Out cut, a black and white booth at The Living Room. Thanks to Gabby for the photos and info.

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