August 13, 2009

For many years now, we’ve heard of a remote colony of photochemical photobooths that have survived in Australia, far from the familiar “photobooth cities” of New York, Chicago, Berlin, and Paris. We’ve seen them in music videos and TV commercials, but we’ve never had any officially submitted to our Photobooth Directory.

We’re happy to report that we’ve received our first Aussie submissions, which came along with the massive group of photobooth locations in Canada that we posted about earlier this week.

Thanks again to Meags, we’ve now got two suburban Sydney booths listed, both in the Broadway Shopping Centre: one a black and white machine , and the other a color booth. We’re very happy to have these booths listed, and we also hope it encourages others, who live in Australia or plan to travel there, to take photos and contribute more Australian locations for our directory.

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    Hey — this is excellent! I live not far from these… I’ve probably walked past them a dozen times without realising they were analog.

    While I am on the subject, there is an excellent booth in Belgrade (I have a Polaroid of it someplace, as well as some images taken in the booth itself). It is located (at least it was about a year ago) in Bezistan passage, off Terazije, where Kozara cinema is.

    I will make an effort to hunt out the Polaroid.

    Best, Sean.