June 25, 2008

palais_de_tokyo.jpgIt’s safe to say that for many of our younger readers, the 2001 film Amélie is one of the first things that comes to mind when they think of photobooths, or at least provides one of the strongest associations they have with photobooths, living as we do in a time that is somewhere on the downhill side of the “golden age” of the photochemical photobooth.

The thought that as the film was being released, photochemical photobooths had completely disappeared from Metro stations and street corners in Paris, seemed like a cruel irony indeed: the film captured a moment in time that no longer existed. But thanks to Ole, Dorothée, Eddy, and everyone else at Photoautomat, Paris is once again home to a black and white, photochemical photobooth.

The photobooth, located at the Palais de Tokyo along the Seine, has been in place since late 2007, and is now listed in our directory.

They’ve recently installed another photobooth in Paris, at the Point Ephemere, which we’ll list as soon as we get the photos.

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