August 16, 2007

click.jpgThe BBC is a behemoth of an organization, so we can’t expect their opinions to be uniform across their various arms, as we learned this week.

Last year, we were called on by BBC4 to be subject experts in their story on the state of the photobooth. Last week, we were chosen by the BBC technology show “Click,” as one of three sites profiled during their brief tour of the web called “Webscapes.” This time, though, they called us a “very silly” and “weird little blog.”

Admittedly, they had a few nice things to say, describing it as “great fun” and having “a wealth of information,” but the tone of the report came off as just a little condescending. But we shouldn’t be too worried, I suppose; who can take a technology show seriously that uses Internet Explorer to demonstrate the sites they’re profiling? Come on BBC, get with the program!

This is a weird little blog dedicated to the humble photo booth. While you may think there would be very little to say about these photographic relics, this blog surprises with its breadth of knowledge and humour.


This is wonderfully pointless site, but the enthusiasm which has gone into its construction makes it a fun way to while away some spare time.

We’d like to think that for those who visit, we’re the exact opposite of pointless, but who are we to say… Read the online version of the text and watch the segment in their video archive.

Thanks to Paul for the tip.


  1. 1

    POINTLESS?? I’ve been waiting for a site like you for years! then one day decided to see if maybe there was one like you. and then there was you. talk about incredible.

    I love yooouuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. 2

    Hey, thanks, Alex, we really appreciate your enthusiasm. Glad we could be there for you; you know, we made this site specifically for the day when you would realize you’d been looking for it all along. Glad it all worked out!