June 04, 2007

I had a day in New York this past week to check out some photobooths that had long been on’s “to-do” list, as well as to see if some rumored booths were really where we thought they were. 

Taking a lesson from some previous, less successful outings, I did a lot of research beforehand to ensure that I wasn’t going out of my way to find a booth in a bar that had long gone out of business, or look for a chemical photobooth that was actually now a digital booth. So, for the record, as of June, 2007, here are some updates that I collected before leaving for New York:

  • Jake’s Dilemma had a photobooth; it was digital, and now it is gone.
  • Crocodile Lounge has a photobooth; it is digital.
  • Pop Burger has something that is occasionally described as a photobooth, but is not.
  • Gershwin Hotel has a photobooth, but it is digital.
  • BB&R has a photobooth, but it is digital.
  • Gallery Bar has a photobooth, but it is digital. I called to find out, and it was described as digital, “but like an old school aesthetic.” Still digital.
  • Milk Studios only has a photobooth when they have parties, but don’t own their own. 
  • Southpaw had a real photobooth, but now have a digital booth.
  • Magnetic Field had a real photobooth, but very recently went digital; thanks to Raul for letting me know and saving me a trip. This is a real loss; the booth produced three photos per strip and made for many a happy bar-goer, it looks like. 

So, with those potential stops cleared up, my first stop was at the Victoria’s Secret store on 34th, thanks to a find on Flickr last week. Sadly, I was a little late, as a store employee showed me where the booth had been and told me it had been removed a few weeks prior. Oh well.

Next stop was Daffy’s in Soho, where I had heard from a number of sources that a real photobooth lived. Sadly, after looking in every nook and cranny, I asked an employee and he said it had been recently removed, and was perhaps seasonal. I wasn’t sure which season he would be referring to, but nevertheless, it was gone, and I was zero for two. Looks like there might still be a photobooth at the Daffy’s in Philadelphia; perhaps a reader in Philly can let us know and send in some photos.

I headed out to Brooklyn, hoping for greener pastures, and found success, finally, at Bubby’s in DUMBO, where, like Bubby’s in Tribeca, a wonderful black and white booth can be found next to the video games and the bathrooms. After a delicious lunch at Bubby’s, I went for a walk and picked up this week’s copy of the The L Magazine, with a cover photo and photos inside of photostrips (from Bubby’s and elsewhere). 

bushwick_wall.jpgI took the train to Williamsburg, and headed once more to the Bushwick Country Club, where I’d had two unsuccessful attempts in 2005. The bartender unlocked the bar for me, and I spent an hour there as the only patron; it was a little early, but I was happy to finally use the booth and enjoy their two-for-one drink special. The photobooth had a BMX bike on top that was being raflled off, next to the velvet Elvis. Opposite the booth, the wall was covered with contributed photobooth strips showing Country Club members having a good time. Upon returning home, I was happy to discover that a reader had contributed photos from the booth the day I left for New York, and we’ve used hers in our entry for the BCC. When it rains, it pours, I guess.


  1. 1

    If you make it out to Coney Island there are a couple of good booths out there. The easiest to find is an old fashioned color booth at Dino’s Wonderwheel Park…

  2. 2

    Thanks, Raul — we’ve got one Coney Island booth listed, but I’d love to know about the others.

  3. 3

    yeah, there’s a black and white one right accross the way from the color one under the Wonderwheel

  4. 4

    The one at Otto’s Shrunken Head is still going strong. I haven’t been there in a couple of years, but i know some people who stop by on a regular basis.

    Plus it has a leopard print curtain!