March 05, 2007

From the world of British tv, we have a story about hypnotism, photobooths, and international air travel. Richard Critchlow, a 21 year-old student, was hypnotized in Wolverhampton London, England by Derren Brown. As this Sky News story explains, Critchlow woke up 13 hours later in an identical photobooth in Marrakech’s Djema al Fna market, more than 1400 miles away in Morocco.

Richard, 21, found himself in a chaotic Marrakech market after sleeping through a 13-hour trip. He stumbled out of a photo booth in the North African state after being hypnotised in an identical one in England. Brown told the Daily Mirror: “He was in a deep sleep. He had no sense of any time passing at all. His profound bewilderment eventually gave way to huge delight.” After being hypnotised, Mr Critchlow from Wolverhampton was whisked off to Heathrow Airport. The student was slumped in a wheelchair as he was put on a plane, flown to Morocco then wheeled through passport control.

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