December 18, 2006

Photo-Me, the world’s largest manufacturer and vendor of photobooths, has announced its most recent profit report, which saw a drop of 30% over profits of a year ago, according to a BBC News report. After turning down the idea of a takeover earlier this year, the company is now apparently looking into selling off one of three divisions.

The vending side is more obviously of interest to more people, so that is more likely to have a bigger attraction initially,” Vernon Sankey, Photo-Me’s chairman told news agency Reuters.

We have no doubt we will find people interested, but the question is at what price.”

The three parts of the firm — vending, minilab manufacturing and wholesale manufacturing — are all being assessed to see what the company will decide to do with them.

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    Celine Comte 

    I am not sure if you will be interested, I just would like to let you know that my book, “Photomaton”, is finally published and available now. An important detail : although I am living in N.Y., I am writing in french. The book ” Photomaton” features 140 short novels about a photo booth in France.

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    wondering what happened to the 130p bid?