December 01, 2006

We learn today from Andrea at hula seventy, home of “Photobooth Friday,” that the beloved photobooth at Niagara in New York City has been replaced with a digital booth, and one that at least temporarily wouldn’t take their dollars, to boot. 

We’d had problems with the booth before, but it was also the center of a few photobooth projects, including a Photobooth art show earlier this year. It’s too bad this booth didn’t survive, and we mourn its removal.


  1. 1

    apparently, it had just been replaced one week earlier. when we pressed the bartender for details, he told us they couldn’t keep up with all the break downs, the maintenance.

    I was really hoping for some authentic photobooth strips. though what’s most troubling to me is the rate at which the old booths are disappearing…

  2. 2

    OH NO! Niagara’s photobooth was amazing!