September 08, 2006


The cover story of this week’s LA Weekly features “emerging artists” with photos of each artist taken in a photobooth. The piece, titled “Afterschool Art,” features black and white photobooth pictures from all of the artistst profiled. For the most part, the photos are real sections of photostrips, though in two cases, the photostrips appear fabricated: Clair Baker’s are staged (square photos rather than rectangular) and Jacob Stewart-Halevy’s photo is a single shot, not a photostrip at all. The other 19 artists play along, with Frank Ryan even bringing his dog in. The photos are included in the online version of the article, though the multi-colored cover of the print edition is quite striking and not available in a viewable size online.

Perhaps the photos were taken in the booth at Lucky Strike Lanes, or at the Edendale Grill, or at the Short Stop, if it’s no longer printing the name of the bar between each photo.

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    Dina Stander 

    On a recent walk in Santa Monica CA, on Montana between 11th and 15th we saw a clothing store with a window display of photo strips. The more square style vertical strips may be coming from the digital booths at the Santa Monica pier, which are interesting. Color or black and white in a 4 image vertical strip–but more square than the traditional booth. We tried ’em all, even the booth that makes a sketch of you!