May 03, 2006

kerfuffle.jpgBack in February, when we posted a note about Liz Rideal’s photoboothed plants on display in Philadelphia, we were suprised to come across another example of Rideal’s photobooth work we’d not heard of before. Somehow, in front of our watchful eyes, perhaps the largest photobooth photos ever managed to slip by.

As reported by the BBC in an article titled “Kerfuffle on Broadcasting House,” a giant piece depicting four photobooth photos was on display from May to July of 2004, covering over restoration work at the BBC’s Broadcasting House on Regent Street in London.

The huge piece (22 metres x 15.4 metres), created by enlarging tiny composite images taken in a photo booth, shows the artist’s hand drawing back a sumptuous red curtain.

The gigantic photographic image, surely the biggest set of photo booth photos ever made, covers the ‘prow’ of the BBC’s iconic building, currently undergoing restoration work.

Information about Kerfuffle is available on Rideal’s website, as is more information on the artist herself. Also, check out’s artist page for her.

Photo © BBC 2004.

Brian | 4:32 pm | Art

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