May 01, 2006

blog_fromktoj.jpgThe photobooth described on the From K to J: About the Booth page sounds fascinating and wonderful. After taking photos of the occupant, the booth adds its own contribution to the photos:

The booth is presented in semi-public spaces as a typical photobooth holding no denotation of its unique qualities. Users enter the booth, pose for 2 shots & exit as usual. During the developing process, the photos are “analyzed” & customized with forecasts consisting of patterns, symbols & messages.

While you’re visiting the site, check out the hundreds of wonderful examples (lookin’ good, for a digital booth!) that the booth has produced. We’d love to learn how the process works and hear from people who’ve used the booth. We’ve got the project archived in the Projects section as well.

Brian | 10:40 pm | Projects

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