March 28, 2006

Since we began blogging all things photobooth here a year ago, we’ve used a variety of sources to get our information. One of the more entertaining is the Flickr feed for photos tagged with the word “photobooth,” which often includes some great photostrips from around the country, and occasionally the Flickr member will be kind enough to name the location, so we can add it to our massive ‘to do’ list of places to visit. 

Recently, though, first with the introduction of Apple’s “Photo Booth” software, and then with the advent of Shine SF’s photobooth that publishes digital photos through Flickr, the stream has become clogged with photos that, while fun, aren’t really what we’re looking for. That’s why it’s been a pleasant surprise, for the last few months now, to be witness to the growing phenomenon that is Photobooth Friday.

As Photobooth Friday founder Andrea at hula seventy writes, 

…because I love photobooths and I love fridays. I think the two should kiss and make nice and be all lovey-dovey with each other and become like, the hot new couple on campus. if you haven’t already figured it out, I am unnaturally obsessed with photobooths. am thinking that this weekly feature may be just the perfect outlet for my borderline kooky fixation. I’ll be pulling goodies from my ever-growing collection of both personal and vintage found photobooth snapshots. will blissfully share with all who are willing to revel in 35 years of photobooth love. 

That was January, and since then, every Friday, more and more photobooth photos have shown up either linked in her weekly post (the most recent is here) or tagged with “photoboothfriday” in Flickr. 

Thanks to Andrea for giving a shout out to the site in her blog, and for organizing this weekly treat. It’s only Tuesday, so you’ve got time to get your photos ready for this Friday’s installment, and help put some real and interesting photobooth photos out in the Flickr world. 


  1. 1

    wow, thanks for the fantastic write-up! I’m such a big fan of this site. really, honored and thrilled to be the subject!

    I’ve been meaning to write you and let you know about photobooth fridays but you beat me to the punch! quite honestly, I started the weekly feature for myself– really just wanted a way to share my photobooth snaps, wanted a specific place to write about them. never imagined anyone else would be interested in participating as well!

    I’ll be starting a flickr group soon and a badge is in the process of being created for participators to post on their blog (should they so desire)… and quite possibly a blog. I’ll keep you posted.

    until then, thanks so much for the words and fab exposure! hope to get even more photobooth friday participators in the coming weeks.

    vive la photobooth revolution.

  2. 2

    Andrea rocks! Her photobooth Friday helped me to get off my butt and start posting photobooth Fridays!

    Off to construct today’s…