February 26, 2006

3_love_affair.jpgThe Padlock Gallery in Philadelphia is preparing for a show focusing on the photobooth experience, and are looking for submissions. The show, called “A $3 Love Affair,” will feature hundreds of photostrips, pictures that use the booth in “unprecedented” ways. Submissions are due by April 1, 2006, and the show opens on April 8th.

They’ve got such a good little blurb about the photobooth experience that we’ll quote some of it whole, right here:

…when the flashes start going, your mind is nowhere but there, concealed in that tiny, unique environment, elevated to some other state with a rush of adrenaline; and suddenly, the rules are different- you’re only separated from the natural world by a small piece of fabric; but for some reason, that’s enough; and within the walls of the photobooth, acquaintances become friends, friends become lovers, serious people become goofballs, everyone becomes part of the same team; and then that’s it- it’s all over so quick and you can’t even recall what just happened as you stand waiting for what seems like an eternity for your photos to drop in that slot (which really makes you start to question if it did happen at all!); and they finally do, and they’re wet and smell funny, and you pass them around and laugh, or maybe you tuck them inside a notebook to secretly savor or reflect upon at some later date.

The show has the following submission guidelines:

  • Submit as many photobooth strips as you want. There is no limit! Do it by March 20, 2006

  • Will only accept submissions created on or within actual photobooth strips (not accepting digitally manipulated strips, photobooth stickers, photocopied strips, or any other form of reproduction …paint on’em, scratch your tag on it, whut ev’s… just give us the OG strips, OK?)

We particularly appreciate the last one, and look forward to seeing what the Padlock gets. Thanks to Mike for letting us know about the show. We expect to see some photos from the opening, and we’d love to hear what the show is like from some readers.


  1. 1

    where do you send them?

  2. 2

    Looks like you can either drop them off in person if you’re in Philly or send them to the address on the page for the project.