February 19, 2006

With a recent re-entry into the world of Netflix, I’ve got a clutch of new entries to the Movies and TV section of the site. From 1987, we begin with Best Seller, starring Brian Dennehy and James Woods. Then, we have the Philip Kaufman adaptation of Michael Crichton’s novel Rising Sun. Next, the teen black comedy Jawbreaker from 1999. Then, from 2001, the Adrien Brody vehicle Love the Hard Way. And who can forget Terminal Velocity, starring Charlie Sheen? And finally, we have Prom Queen, a Canadian TV movie from 2004. Rising Sun, Jawbreaker, and Prom Queen feature only photostrips, but the other three have legitimate photobooth appearances.

In addition, I came across the supposed “photo booth” sequence in the recent Land of the Dead. The oft-mentioned “photo booth” scene, which featured the men behind the recent homage Shaun of the Dead, wasn’t really a photobooth scene. I can’t think of a much better name for it, though, so I don’t blame those who described it as such in the press. It’s a brief scene featuring a “get your photo taken with a zombie” attraction at a carnival. Carnivalgoers pose in front two zombies, chained to a metal rack, as a cameraman takes a photo — it’s no photobooth, but it “zombie photo op” doesn’t have much of a ring to it.


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    george s 


    There was a movie called Beaches with Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey that had a photo booth and they take photos together. Plse check it out and add it.

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    Thanks for the comment, George — we’ve got Beaches up on the list, right here. It’s a good appearance, though the photos look faked.