December 09, 2005

We’ve been checking in occasionally on Stuff Magazine’s so-called photo booth challenge, which asks women to “slip behind the curtain of a photo booth near you and show us your stuff… Remember: No nudity. (Unless you’re Jonathan Taylor Thomas.)” 

Sadly, only one set of photos in recent weeks has been a real photostrip; all the rest of the submissions posted on the contest page are poor imitations, studio glamour shots taken in front of a curtain and arranged vertically onto a white background. Does this mean no one is taking part in the contest? Who are these girls, and are they all piling into Stuff HQ to get their fake photobooth shots taken? Perhaps all of the submissions from real photobooths are ending up in the print edition of the magazine; any readers out there care to confirm?

Stuff also provides a list of photobooths to visit on their rules and instructions page, a list that looks a whole lot like the one I assembled over many months on before was born. That and a smattering of locations and the results of a few Google searches; come on, Stuffies, can’t you do a little better than all this? 

Brian | 5:30 pm | In the News

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