September 28, 2005

habana_blog.jpgThanks to a tip from Mr. Bernstein in the New York Press, I made a point of stopping by Habana Outpost in Brooklyn when I was in New York this weekend. Their photobooth is a great black and white machine nestled nicely into the wall, and though the photos were a little messy, I highly recommend stopping by this great location to try out the booth for yourself.

Once I was in the neighborhood, I realized that the Atlantic Center mall was not far from the Outpost, and recalling the my unsuccessful June visit, I stopped in to check out their booth. I managed to avoid the mall security and catch the booth when it was fully functional, though it was missing the all-important curtain, which made for a somewhat unsettling photobooth experience.

Having had great luck so far, I tried one more location, the elusive Bushwick Country Club, also in Brooklyn. I had noted the hours of operation online the last time I visited, and found out they were inaccurate when I showed up in person, so this time, I called ahead. I was told they’d be open by 5 pm on Saturday, but when I stopped by at 5:30, they were once again closed. Oh Bushwick, when are you really open on the weekends, and will we ever get to try out your photobooth?

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