September 28, 2005

ebay_ocean_city.jpgAn Auto-Photo Studio Model 20 black and white photobooth has been made available on eBay this week. We failed to see the item for a few days, but it’s up for another 36 hours or so, so if anyone is interested, the bidding is currently at $2150.

The photobooth, described as “works good,” is currently in Ocean City, Maryland, and is illustrated with a half-dozen haphazard photographs. Let’s hope this isn’t one of the few remaining Ocean City booths departing for good before we’d even had a chance to visit them.

In addition, the seller of this booth is also offering a rebuilt transmission for a model 14 photobooth, currently at $150, with no bids (and no photos or detailed description).


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    I was the lucky bidder. Just how lucky remains to be seen. The Model 20 survived the journey from Ocean Pines MD to Cleveland OH this past weekend and is now sitting in my garage. Machine look to be in good shape but I want to go over it completely before loading the chemicals and plugging it in. I am currently scanning the operator’s “manual” and would appreciate hearing from anyone that knows anything about these machines. I am also willing to share any information that I might be able to provide. Please bear with me though, as I am just a novice.

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    i would love to hear about your experiences. i am currently looking to buy a photobooth for myself. i have a tons of experience with chemistry mixing, and handling photo paper and such. I wonder how much of the maintenance is mechanical rather than photographic. do i need to be a small machine expert. would love to learn from your mistakes and successes.

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    Gabe Hernandez Jr. 

    yes you need to no more about the mechanical side than the photography. I have serviced them for a while and no them inside and out. Interested in selling it, ill pay what you want for it cash. (909)855‑2397,

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    We have been operating photo booths in Canada for the past 52 years and can provide you with whatever expertise , parts , supplies etc you may need to get your booth going .

    Best of luck


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    Thanks for the responses!

    I can’t belive it’s almost Feb, let alone 2006. I lost track of this website and I apologize for not responding sooner. When spring breaks, I’ll be moving back into the garage to see if this thing will fire up.

    Josh — If you send your email address, I can get you information as I get it.

    Gabe — Thanks for the offer, but I’m not ready to sell. I would appreciate any help, though.

    Jeff — If you could supply your email, I’ll probably be asking for parts once I get into the machine.

    Thanks again. It’s good to know that I’m not alone on this journey.

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    Hi, I am located in NYC and I just need to find one of these booths that works. Does anyone know where one is located?