September 26, 2005

It’s time for a new category here on poetry. This week I came across the first example I’ve seen of poetry about the photobooth, a work called “Photomaton,” published online in the first issue of Elixir Magazine. The poem, by Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti, describes an experience with a “two euro” photobooth in a Paris Metro station. The poem has not shown up on Ranson-Polizzotti’s page of audio files of poems, but we’ll provide a link if it does. 


  1. thanks for mentioning my poem ~ i now have two on the subject and will be posting them under audio poems at where you can find a great many mp3 and wmv files of my poetry. i’ll be putting those two up this evening (oct. 4th, i believe, so you can check for them then and do feel free to link. The poem was also published in Elixir magazine. Oh, and the price has increased to FOUR euro!!


    sadi ranson-polizzotti


    photomaton audio file as you were looking for or asking about. There is also another Photomaton re-take audio for Paris, 2005 on the site at under poems/france

    If you can’t find, shoot me an email. I also have photomaton images that i can scan if you are interested.

    Let me know.

    Sadi Ranson-Polizzotti


    new photomaton poem audio file… if you’re interested and i thought you might be…

    thanks for mentioning me, and feel free to use full text if you like…