September 05, 2005

ArrestedDevPhotostrip4.jpgMy brother Pat got my wife and me hooked on Fox’s Arrested Development. A great show. Pat also pointed out the photobooth reference in Season 1, Episode 15. A flashback involving an ill-fated trip to Catalina Island alludes to Buster’s “unfortunate encounter in a photobooth.” The flashback lasts only a few seconds and shows a series of images purportedly taken in a photobooth. Curiously, there are five frames in the series, indicating (erroneously) a 5‑pose photobooth. After screen capturing the segment for the TV section of the website, I thought I would recreate the imagined photostrip. I created a few different versions, all of which are available in the extended entry.

The original 5‑pose with white borders:


The 4‑pose strip made by omitting frame 2 from the original:


The 4‑pose with black borders:


Tim | 8:41 pm | TV

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