July 16, 2005

samsunFootwear.jpgThanks to a tip from Elizabeth Cunningham and a list of possible Philly photobooths from Brian, I had a quick and painless afternoon of photobooth hunting in center city Philadelphia this past May. My wife Heather grew up in the Philly suburbs and we try to get back at least once a year to see her family. Heather kindly accompanied me on this particular booth hunt. As it turns out, the 3 booths I had on my list ended up being within 5 blocks of each other.

Our first stop was El Vez (not to be confused with the Mexican Elvis), a trendy place self-described as “gritty East L.A. meets a Tijuana Taxi vibe.” They have done a great job creating a unique and festive interior, a perfect spot for a booth. Just as suspected, a black and white 4‑pose photobooth sits near the back of the restaurant. Unfortunately the booth was broken and to add insult to injury, the staff was a bit salty. If you visit the El Vez official website, and are patient enough to get past the super-fresh splash screen and requisite techo beat, click on the piano icon (Restaurant Tour) to see a picture of some of the pictures (purportedly) produced by their photobooth.

Next stop: the Spaceport Amusement Center. The buildings on this particular block are not well marked, but we quickly realize the Spaceport Amusement Center is no more (and the crowd goes mild). In its place is a shoe store called Samsun Footwear (pictured at right).

Final stop: The Spaghetti Warehouse. This booth (a 4‑pose color unit) is not only exactly where expected, but it actually works. I sit for my strip of four, and call it a day.

Afterward, I realized another promising location was in walking distance of the other three: the K‑Mart at the Gallery (9th and Market) is said to have at least two. Next visit…


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    I saw one in whiskey dix a few weeks ago.

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    Thanks, Teejay — looks like a good lead. We’ll head there the next time we’re around, and if you or anyone else visits anytime soon, please take a photo of the booth and a sample strip for our directory! Thanks.