June 27, 2005


California artist Rebecca Bailey (aka Baby Smith) has put out a call for submissions to a photobooth related art project. Visit her website to read more about her project:

blogging has become a cultural phenomenon in our society, where virtually anyone can acquire web space to express everything from political rants to poetic ramblings and everything in between. posting intimate accounts and/or pictures of everyday life has become commonplace in this ever increasing cyber world. in this body of work, i will incorporate photobooth images of individuals onto painted and embellished 2nd hand purses. encased in the purses will be 1–3 minute looped recordings of bloggers reciting excerpts from their online journals. each piece will stand alone, but viewed in whole these sculptures will create a tapestry of random thoughts and passages revealing a broad spectrum of unique personalities, intellects and lifestyles. my intent is to present a slice of life, reveal human emotions and vulnerabilities, and give voice to those sharing their lives, both extraordinary and mundane, via the internet. this body of work will convey a common thread — that bloggers are driven by a simple, yet very human, desire to be heard. 

Entry deadline: postmarked no later than July 31, 2005

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