May 26, 2005

In his NBA Draft preview article on, writer Randy Hill talks about two players from the New Orleans Hornets this way (and forgive us for doing a double take — there’s a team called the New Orleans Hornets? It’s been a long time since we’ve followed basketball, I guess): “The point guard situation seems less of a disaster, although Speedy Claxton is only dynamite as a backup and Dan Dickau couldn’t guard a rhino in a Fotomat booth.”

I’m not even sure what that little illustrative statement is supposed to mean. I take it to mean Dan Dickau is a poor guard, but really, how is a rhino going to fit into a photobooth anyway? And it seems like it would be dangerous even trying to fit into a photobooth with a rhino, even figuratively. I think it’s probably best not to dwell on this one too long. 

Brian | 8:32 am | In the News

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